Phill Hannah

14 years in the army 10 of the years a driver trainer ADR instructor and the go to person for cross country driving and accident investigations holding licences for A,B,BE,C,CE,D,DE,H. since leaving the army I have kept up with training and  became a forklift instructor.

I joined FreightTrain in the view to start a training school as I strongly believe the training of people should be at a higher standard so I teach you to drive not just to pass a test and want you to go into a driving job and feel comfortable getting in the drivers seat

Andy Wright

I’ve been in the driving industry for 39yrs, passing my HGV 1 in 1991. For the last 16yrs and still holding these qualifications, I’ve been a DVSA ADI instructor Grade A and DVSA fleet trainer.

I’ve now joined the FreightTrain group has a Driver Trainer, I can see this role has not just a pupil passing a vehicle test, but to pass on my extreme knowledge on to other drivers, to promote safer driving.