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HGV Driver Training School

The success of our business stems from having a clear vision and working to a strategic model, identifying specific aims and having clear measures in place. This clearly defines how we do business.

We understand that in our business;

  • Operational excellence turns into competitive advantage
  • An undefined or under-developed business process never works
  • What gets measured gets done


Our vision is to own and operate a well funded, vertically integrated, leveraged business with Quality and sustainability at the heart of our operation. To deliver quality and be the most trusted operator, providing innovative and cost effective solutions to our customers.

Each segment of the business works well in isolation, whilst exploring the synergies delivers further shared benefits.


Our mission consists of two interrelated parts:

Relationships: The partnerships with our customers, suppliers and trading partners will define us and the longevity of these relationships will drive strength and sustainability into the business.

Economic: To operate the business on a robust and sustainable financial model, which promotes profitable growth and value for stakeholders.

We understand that to maintain long lasting relationships, quality has to be at the core of everything we do and we achieve profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, and commitment. This approach drives the culture and values of the company:

Teamwork, Passion, Efficiency, Integrity, Quality, Honesty & Reliability

Meet Your Trainers

Lee (Kenny) Everett

My journey started whilst serving in the British Armed Forces where I gained multiple licences including categories C and C+E.

When I left the forces, I drove category C and C+E vehicles commercially before becoming an approved instructor. After many years honing the combination of driving and teaching skills I can deliver unique training methods, not only to be successful in becoming a C+E driver but to promote an eco-safe driving attitude and gaining a skill for life.


With 39 years in the driving industry, Andy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to FreightTrain. He’s been a Grade A DVSA ADI instructor and DVSA fleet trainer for 16 years – providing him with a multitude of skills that he is keen to pass on to his pupils.

“When I joined FreightTrain as a driver trainer, I didn’t just want to train drivers to pass their test. If I can pass on my knowledge backed by almost 40 years of experience, I can ensure we as a business promote safer driving.”

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