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HGV Driver Training School

We are the leading HGV and Hazardous Goods driver training school in East Anglia, offering a comprehensive range of courses to suit every level and need. Backed by years of experience, we’re trusted by businesses, operators and individuals to provide tuition which delivers safe, confident and effective drivers. Part of a successful logistics operation, we’ve friendly, patient and knowledgeable trainers who quickly help drivers meet and exceed the standards businesses and vehicle operators need.

About Our Courses

All our courses are delivered by accredited and approved trainers with decades of experience, to ensure we create safe, knowledgeable and confident drivers every time. With the option to run courses at our customers’ premises, we offer ultimate convenience and make it even easier to get drivers trained.

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2 Day 16 hours  £1088 +vat  = £1305.60
3 Days 20 hours  £1360+vat  = £1632.00
3 Days 24 hours  £1632+vat  = £1958.40
4 Days 28 hours £1904 +vat = £2284.80
4 Days 32 hours £2176 +vat =£2611.20
5 Days 36 hours £2448+vat =£2937.60
5 Days 40 hours £2720 +vat =£3264.00

Meet Your Trainers

Lee (Kenny) Everett

My journey started whilst serving in the HM Forces, this is where I gained my HGV licence, back then I had to start with HGV class 3, then HGV class 2, before I could progress to HGV class 1.

Once qualified I was called upon to drive various types of vehicles within the battalions fleet.

When I left the army I became an ADI (approved driving instructor) teaching candidates wanting to gain their category B licence, I then went on to drive HGV commercially and then eventually teach HGV. I’ve been an instructor for many years honing the skills required to teach from category B all the way up to category CE. My personal view is not only to teach a candidate to pass a driving test but also to promote safe, efficient, and responsible driving.

Mat Berner

I joined FreightTrain as a driver trainer, with 20 years of commercial experience.   

My goal is to impart  this knowledge  to all candidates  to ensure they  are fully prepared to become a safe and efficient  driver.

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