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ADR Training

From January 1st 2007 it became mandatory for drivers of all vehicles carrying Dangerous Goods to be trained by Department for Transport approved training providers. After sitting the approved dangerous goods training course and passing the examination, drivers receive an ADR Vocational Training Certificate (VTC) which is valid for 5 years and recognised throughout Europe. Within 12 months of the expiry date VTC holders are required to take a refresher course to bring them up to date with changes in dangerous goods legislation.

The law requires that the main objectives of the training are to:

  • Make drivers aware of the hazards presented in the carriage of dangerous goods
  • To give them basic information to negate the likelihood of an incident taking place
  • To enable them to take measures that may prove necessary to ensure their own safety and that of the public and the environment, by limiting and containing the effects of any incident

Drivers required to carry Explosives and Radioactive Substances must undergo further specialist training.

The need for dangerous goods training is not restricted to drivers. The law states “Persons whose duties concern the carriage of dangerous goods by road shall have received training of the requirements governing the carriage of such goods appropriate to their responsibilities and duties.”

As such, the requirement for training also applies to such persons employed by the road vehicle operator or the consignor; those involved in loading or unloading dangerous goods; personnel in freight forwarding or shipping agencies and drivers not covered by the ADR Vocational Training Certificate requirement.

Such training shall include:

  • General awareness of the provisions for the carriage of dangerous goods
  • Detailed function specific training linked to duties and responsibilities under the regulations governing carriage of dangerous goods
  • Safety training commensurate with degree of risk of injury or exposure arising from an incident with dangerous goods

Training also makes personnel aware of safe handling and emergency response procedures. When dangerous goods are being transported by road, any accident could potentially cause considerable harm to both people and the environment. Therefore, the movement of such goods are governed by international regulations and is strictly policed.

Our ADR courses include:

  • ADR Dangerous Goods in packages and tankers Initial Training
  • ADR Dangerous Goods in packages and tankers Refresher Training
  • Dangerous Goods Safety Awareness Course