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With over a decade of experience, Phill joined FreightTrain to start our training school. Having spent 14 years in the army, where he was a key part of driving training and accident investigation, Phill himself holds multiple licences. In addition to licences A, B, BE, C, CE, D, DE and H, Phill is also a qualified ADR training instructor and forklift instructor.

“I strongly believe that driver training should be done at the highest standard. That’s why I don’t just teach drivers to pass their test, I make sure they become safe and knowledgeable drivers who are confident in the driver’s seat.”


With 39 years in the driving industry, Andy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to FreightTrain. He’s been a Grade A DVSA ADI instructor and DVSA fleet trainer for 16 years – providing him with a multitude of skills that he is keen to pass on to his pupils.

“When I joined FreightTrain as a driver trainer, I didn’t just want to train drivers to pass their test. If I can pass on my knowledge backed by almost 40 years of experience, I can ensure we as a business promote safer driving.”

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